Citizens and residents of Trinidad and Tobago do not require visas for entry into Trinidad and Tobago.
  An application for an Extension of Stay is made to the Chief Immigration Officer on the prescribed form and is subject to his approval.   Fees for CARICOM and Non-CARICOM Nationals.

Instructions for Printing Passport Forms

  1. Recommended paper for printing the forms is 20lb – 24lb
  2. Print the forms using an 8 1/2” x 14” setting and print on Legal size (8 1/2” x 14”) paper
  3. Print on both sides of the paper

Download a Passport Application form and Instructions please select below
Passport Application Fillable Form - Adult
Passport Application Form - Adult Instructions
Passport Application Fillable Form - Child
Passport Application Form - Child Instructions
Lost / Stolen / Mutilated Passport Notification Form

To Renew a Passport as a Result of a Change of Name you must:
Complete Passport Application Form – for adults 16 years and over
Complete Passport Application Form – for minors under 16 years of age
Submit your current or expired Passport

  1. Affidavit(s) or Statutory Declaration(s) (where applicable).
  2. Marriage certificate(s) and/or divorce documents (where applicable).
  3. Duly registered deed poll(s) or legal documents attesting to any change of name.
  4. Adoption Certificate.
  5. Birth Certificate-Computer generated with pin number issued by the Trinidad and Tobago Registrar General’s Office.
Proof of Identity
  1. Trinidad & Tobago Passport
  2. Trinidad and Tobago Identification Card.
Provide Proof of Custody of Minors in cases of Separated or Divorced parents
  1. The parent or guardian to whom custody of the minor child/children has been awarded must produce evidence of the court order and any other relevant documentary evidence as may be required to support his/her claim.
Other documents may be required at the time of interview.