The maximum period for a Missionary Permit is three (3) years. Any further application for a missionary permit for a person who has already held one for three (3) years will not be considered within one (1) year of completing the three (3) year period.
  An application for a Student Permit must be made in the prescribed form 34 to the Chief Immigration Officer and is subject to his approval.
  A Trinidad and Tobago Emergency Certificate is issued to a citizen or resident of Trinidad and Tobago only.
Minister's Permit

The Minister with responsibility for Immigration may issue a Minister’s Permit to anyone he sees fit either to enter Trinidad and Tobago or being therein to remain for a period of time as specified in the Permit
The application for the grant of a Minister’s Permit must be made directly to the Minister of National Security and is subject to his approval
The Minister can impose such terms and conditions on the holders of such a permit as he thinks fit, and can at any time, in writing, extend, vary or cancel a permit.
If the Minister cancels a permit, or when such permit expires, the Minister can make a Deportation Order against the person. There is no right of appeal against such a Deportation Order.
The maximum period for which such permit may be issued is twelve (12) months.