Application must be completed, signed and dated by the applicant (Non-National of Trinidad and Tobago)
  Citizens and Residents of Trinidad and Tobago do not require Work Permits.   An Emergency Certificate is issued to a Citizen or Resident of Trinidad and Tobago to facilitate travel in an emergency where a current travel document is unavailable (lost/stolen/mutilated/expired).
Missionary Permit

Citizens and Residents of Trinidad and Tobago do not require Missionary Permits
Non-Citizens and non-Residents of Trinidad and Tobago wishing to engage in missionary or religious activities whether paid or unpaid in Trinidad and Tobago require Missionary Permits
Persons entering Trinidad and Tobago for the purpose of missionary or religious activities may enter for such purposes without producing a Missionary Permit provided the period of stay for that specific purpose is not more than thirty (30) days. This facility is only applicable once in any twelve (12) consecutive months.
Person entering Trinidad and Tobago with a valid Missionary Permit for Three (3) years and a medical certificate may be granted an entry permit for the full three (3) years. Without a medical certificate, the maximum period that can be granted is twelve (12) months.
The maximum period for a Missionary Permit is three (3) years. Any further application for a missionary permit for a person who has already held one for three (3) years will not be considered within one (1) year of completing the three (3) year period.
A Missionary Permit when issued is specific to a particular person for a specified period of time and for attachment to a particular religious organization as mentioned therein.
Regulation 9 (7) of the Immigration Regulations Chapter 18:01
An application for a Missionary Permit must be submitted to the Ministry of National Security on the prescribed form 37 and is subject to the approval of the Minister. Two (2) originals of form 37 must be completed.
An application form is obtained from the Ministry of National Security at no fee.
An application for a Missionary Permit may be made on behalf of a person by a religious organization based in Trinidad and Tobago.
Fees: - Certificate Fee: $500.00 TT per year