Medical examination forms P&I 40 and P&I40A – for student remaining in Trinidad and Tobago for more than one (1) year. This may be deferred until one (1) year is complete.
  The application for the grant of a Minister’s Permit must be made directly to the Minister of National Security and is subject to his approval.   Holders of Certificates of Recognition of Caribbean Community Skills Qualification (CSME Certificate) issued in Trinidad and Tobago do not require Work Permits provided their status are certified by Immigration.
Student Permit
  Application for Student Permit
Student Permit Instructions
Citizens and Residents of Trinidad and Tobago do not require Student Permits.

An application for a Student Permit must be made in the prescribed form 34 to the Chief Immigration Officer and is subject to his approval
- Regulation 9 (6) of the Immigration Regulations Chapter 18:01
Non-Citizens and non-Residents of Trinidad and Tobago wishing to engage in studies or training at registered schools/ institutions in Trinidad and Tobago require Student Permits
A Student Permit when issued shall be valid for not more than one (1) year and may be renewed subject to re-application
Students of the University of the West Indies (U.W.I) St. Augustine Campus; Sir Hugh Wooding Law School (U.W.I. St. Augustine); U.W.I Faculty of Medicine, Mount Hope; and St.John Vianney Seminary, Mount St. Benedict (Theology Degree only) do not require Student Permits

Persons who are eligible to apply for Student Permits:

  Persons 18 years and over, coming for tertiary education (with the exception of the University of the West Indies, for which a Student Pemit is not required), technical training, religious studies or English as a Second Language (ESL) or GCE/CXC o’ Level/A’ Level classes (CARICOM Citizens only) at private institutions

  ESL students must be nationals of the Americas only

  Dependents of persons who are holders of Work Permits, Missionary Permits, or awaiting Permanent Residence status in Trinidad and Tobago

  Dependents of persons who are holders of Caricom Skills Certificate issued in Trinidad and Tobago and who hold indefinite stay status

  Dependents of persons permitted entry under Rights of Establishment.