A Student Permit when issued shall be valid for not more than one (1) year and may be renewed subject to re-application.
  The application for the grant of a Minister’s Permit must be made directly to the Minister of National Security and is subject to his approval.   Holders of Certificates of Recognition of Caribbean Community Skills Qualification (CSME Certificate) issued in Trinidad and Tobago do not require Work Permits provided their status are certified by Immigration.
Travel Permit
Emergency Travel Document 
Emergency Travel Instructions
Emergency Certificate
An Emergency Certificate is issued to a Citizen or Resident of Trinidad and Tobago to facilitate travel in an emergency where a current travel document is unavailable (lost/stolen/mutilated/expired).
A Trinidad and Tobago Emergency Certificate is issued to a citizen or resident of Trinidad and Tobago only.
An Emergency Certificate is issued for travel within CARICOM Countries only.
An Emergency Certificate may be issued for travel one-way or return.
An application for a Emergency Certificate can be made at Immigration Offices in Trinidad and Tobago only
  Requirements: -
   1. Completed Emergency Certificate Application form
   2. Two (2) Identical Photos
   3. Proof of Trinidad and Tobago Citizenship/Trinidad and Tobago Resident Status
   4. Birth Certificate
   5. Trinidad and Tobago Resident Certificate
Marriage and/or Divorce Certificates (where applicable)
   7. Sworn Declarations/Affidavits (where applicable)
  The holder of an Emergency Certificate on arrival in Trinidad and Tobago must surrender the document to the Immigration Authority only
  The Issuing Authority, may exempt in special circumstances, persons from certain requirements